French blogger and photographer based in France. Currently living in Mende, Lozere. As I was raised in Perpignan, Pyrenees-Orientales, I go to visit my hometown quite often.

Being a photographer is not my main job. Neither is being a blogger. But they are both parts of me, both are things I like and skills I have. As for now, I am working in the webmarketing area as well as in social media management.


When I was 12, my parents offered me my first “real” present. What I mean by “real” is that it was the first time my parents offered me something other than toys. To be honest, I had no clue what photography was neither a camera whatsoever. Besides, photography was not as popular as it is now. So I mainly taught myself. Not mainly… I taught myself everything (right and wrong maybe). 

I first started with portraits and everyday life photos. The latter is still something I find quite fascinating and fun. Then a little time later, around 15 years old, I started to travel a lot, in France and abroad. I also started hiking. And the more and and more I did, I thought to myself I wanted people to see what I was seeing. With all that I decided to start a blog and manage a IG account called @jade_traveels

“ This is the reason I know I love you. Every time something beautiful appears in front of me, I want you to see it too.”

- Never Believe Them
Because traveling photography is not the same as creative photography, I also started a IG account named @byjadephotography where I share my inspirations and creative individual and collaborative works. 


Love, Share, Contemplate.